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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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lashing out against florida. hurricane matthew ripping the state at par with strong wind, torrential rainfall. we have team coverage all morning and we will start with iris hermosillo who is tracking the current path. we will have a team in the heart of the storm as rain or shine your promised your mail. one mesa resident says his mail isn't quite making it to the box. it was a must win for the bird staying in the bay area. thankfully celebrating the card's victory this morning.
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the right column. >> absolutely. danielle is off today. i want to start with the local forecast. we will be tracking hurricane matthew. right now as you get ready to step outside this morning some good news. a few passing high clouds but all dry on your way to work in the valley of the sun. currently 67. a cool start but not as cool as earlier this week. just 60s as you step outside. temperatures staying in the 60s through the temperature warming to 69 by 8:00 under mostly clear skies. a beautiful start to what will be a warmer day. the afternoon high temperatures make it into the mid-90s. phoenix up to 96 today. we are tracking changes into the weekend including rain chances. i will detail this for you next. hurricane matthew is a monster. all morning we will keep the radar box on your screen so you can keep track of the storm.
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. president obama has noticed glared -- declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia, south carolina. this is new video from stanford florida. they have seen better days in this area. the water nearly up to the windows on some of the cars driving in that area. this is a live look. just now coming in. in a few minutes i will take a look at the flight delays and cancellations in with our team in miko florida and we will also take you inside the eye of the storm. check out that stop sign. that shows you the force of the wind the. >> storm surge, we will be watching that throughout the morning. the red cross is taking action for -- in the path of the storm. volunteers with the northern arizona chapter will come to phoenix and pickup emergency response vehicles and then it is off to orlando.
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various supplies >> let's keep it local with breaking news. a high-speed chase has intended -- just ended in phoenix. justin pazera is on the scene. i understand at one point the car being chased by troopers was going the wrong way. >> reporter: that is correct. talk about scary. never good when a car is going the wrong way down the road. dps terminated the chase. phoenix pd chopper was in the area and able to track the sky. the car, right where you see the medical gloves. let's tell you how they started. dps telling me they were pursuing this guy because he was going at a high rate of speed down i-17 and in and out of lanes. when he exited thomas he started going the wrong way
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to back off and terminate the chase. the police chopper tract that kid right here. when dps caught him he resisted arrest. they had to taser that 23-year- old and took him into custody. in the video there is an uber sticker in the car. thankfully the 23-year-old is not an uber driver. i thought that could have been one heck of a ride. thankfully, not an uber driver but he is on his way to right now. more breaking news overnight. several people starting off there friday out of their homes after a fire rips through apartments. this is going to be near third street and roosevelt around 11:00 last night. the red cross disaster action team letting us know they are assisting seven people impacted by this. the fire needed about 40 firefighters to get this under
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went to this house fire near seventh and broadway. we know the home is vacant. neighbors tell us nobody has lived there in several years. that might be labeled suspicious. >> the thought of a fire in a neighborhood has people on edge. rightly so. especially now that one of their own is facing arson charges. >> a major house fire, which is actually to the corner to my backyard. he spoke with us back in september. bombshell arrest of 31-year-old thomas leeper junior has extend his neighborhood. leeper telling police he has uncontrollable urges to set fires, and meet -- admitting he said an abandoned house on fire. he even left a note saying, quote, find me. twig care book crime alert in phoenix.
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are telling us one man went as far as shooting and killing the family dog after he made it inside the home near greenway and i-17. this is surveillance video of the man after that crime. he used the credit cards he had just stolen. if you know this person please contact silent witness. there is a $1000 reward on the table. you when it leave your sensitive information, bills, credit card, outside so why is the mailman caught doing that? a man in mesa says he and the neighbors are finding stacks of mail sitting on top of mailbox instead of safely inside. it happened 10 times in the past year. always on thursday when there is a fill in mail carrier. we spoke with one person who is upset. >> they don't seem to get the idea that the mail is supposed to be in the box. get your act together. >> you heard it there. the postal service telling us
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problem and are working to make sure it doesn't happen again. we are taking action. if you have trouble getting your mail go to abc we have link to find your local post office and the post office online complaint form. you have to let them know. we are 31 days until the big day. the candidates are pulling out all of the stops to try to win. hillary clinton posted twitter saying, quote, our success is measured by the size of our bank accounts or the height of our skyscrapers. is measured by what we do for kids. that video showing a montage of families as she now makes that push. we are checking with donald trump. hours ago he posted his thoughts and prayers for the millions of people in the path of hurricane matthew. expressing concern, telling people, quote, look out for your neighbors and was -- and
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the candidates have no events planned today. >> chances are they are cramming ahead of sunday's big debate that is happening at washington university in st. louis. it is a town hall meeting this time. half the questions asked by citizens. the other half by a moderator. catch that debate live right here on sunday at abc 15 starting at 6:00. hillary clinton's running make stopping in phoenix. tim kaine wrapping up a rally in las vegas where he was pushing for voter gi speaking out that voter registration, are you registered to vote? double check that everything is good to go. you have until monday to register. early -- early voting ballots are mailed out on wednesday. we have brand-new images coming in as this thing his florida. it is tough to see because the wind and the rain whipping
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all positioned along the coastline. as you look at these images i want you to understand how significant the wind has been. even though this has been downgraded it is already a category three even though it has been downgraded. still very serious. 4000 flights have been canceled . i decided to pull up the phoenix departures to show you quickly, things are pretty much on schedule. if you are flying to or from the east coast millions of people trying to stay out of the path of matthew. a group of hurricane hunters flying directly into the eye of that storm. this is incredible video showing the power of the hurricane wind. a very bumpy ride. they get tossed around. there are scientists and they have to gather that information firsthand to let us know how to best prepare. exactly. that's how we collect some of that data that is so critical
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we have to get the data somehow. now we are keeping a close eye on this system. i pulled up doppler radar from areas in florida and you can see the eye of the storm is still off the coast. we haven't seen official landfall. you can still see the very heavy rain, the strong wind is still battering the east coast of florida even though the eye is sitting just off the coast. going through today it will continue to the coast. right now matthew is producing with sustained at 120 miles an hour. gusts upwards of 144 miles an hour. it looks like it will remain a category three as it works along the coast. eventually impacting spots like georgia and the carolinas. we're watching it closely and we have to talk about the changes in our state in a few minutes.
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if you're headed to the north part of the valley we see green on loop 101. we had a stall earlier that was partially blocking. it looks like it is all clear now. i also want to give you a look at i-10. you can see a steady stream of headlights traveling eastbound near 51st avenue. no crashes. i will give you a look at some of the weekend travel alerts. we have some closures going on. we will do that in a few minutes. hurricane matthew, a deadly storm. pounding florida right now. this is a rert report. this is coming out of florida. we will have a live report out
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state, especially along the east coast. the eye of the storm just off the coast. already you can see the strong wind and the heavy rain hitting areas. this video near augustine florida. we will keep watching it closely. we are tracking this story from all angles as this hurricane impacts the southeast us. >> if you have never felt the force of a hurricane check out this reporter in south daytona there is a place you can feel this without going into matthew. and las vegas you can simulate a hurricane. and indoor skydiving facility can generate speed of 120 miles an hour like goes you might feel just outside of the eye of this storm. the power is strong enough to send you flying in the air. these wind tunnels are often so strong and loud instructors have to communicate using hand signals.
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to experience firsthand. at the live desk this is something significant to experience. coming in from florida hurricane matthew is being felt up and down the entire eastern coast of the state of florida. more than 100,000 people right now without fire. >> cities threatened as the storm passes through. we have crew there for you. i want to get out to jason lamb who is life with us. let's talk about the situation there. >> reporter: very extreme conditions. wind and rain. that is why we have some safety with this sturdy building beside us. you can see what we are dealing with. the palm trees are getting battered by the wind and rain as hurricane matthew continues to have its affect. we are in a mobile home park. you can see the office back there. some of the siding on the office has already been ripped off and more is continuing to
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the damage continuing around the area. we have seen some very dramatic wind including hurricane force wind. 74 miles an hour if not surpassing that. with the wind power lines are down across southern florida. more than 100,000 people remain without power right now. it is a very dangerous situation with the threat of flying debris and housing materials and trees down across the area. even though the eye of the storm has p here are still getting battered with all of this powerful rain and wind. we are still feeling the effects of hurricane matthew very much. for folks here who have evacuated, they're going to be trying to listen for that all clear as to when they might be able to come back here to their homes. given all this wind and rain we are continuing to experience right now that is likely not going to happen anytime soon.
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15. >> thank you very much. at home, the newest information coming out of new jersey. that train crash at the station we have been following, the train is now out of the platform. crews were going through the wreckage from the station. one person, a woman, a mom, was killed and 100 other people were injured. the train was going more than when a crash. check this out. if you need motivation to get out of bed this woman will motivate you. she is from colorado and she just completed and 82 mile swim across lake powell. it took her 56 hours. her name is sara thomas. she is exhausted and hungry. she didn't stop swimming to get out of the water. near page is where she got out
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when she got out of the water. if we come on and do our job and play our game we will come out with a w. >> he did his job running all over the 49ers for nearly 160 yards in two touchdowns. drew stanton did his job under two touchdowns and did not turn over the ball. the defense made some great plays. that was the difference in the bay area as your arizona cardinals improved to 2-3. the cardinals hosting the jets for monday night football on the 17th. fall football season, fall also fair season in our state. i have to show you this shot. this is our phoenix children's hospital valley camp. the city a live view of the arizona state fair.
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not opening until about noon. a cool sneak peak we're getting with one of our valley campus. if you're heading utterly temperatures are sitting in the upper 60s. another mile to start to the day. similar to yesterday. our sunrise at 6:27 this morning . most of us starting the day in the 60s. some 50s out there. spots like chandler, mesa, gilberts coming in in the upper 50s. buckeye coming in at 59. with the upper 60s in spots like deer valley. a nice start to what will be a bit of a warmer day. if you have plans to be outdoors or are heading to the fair today by lunchtime notice we will go from the 60s this morning back up into the 80s as early as 10:00. the warm up is quicker today. yesterday we hit a high of 90. today we will be close to that already by lunchtime. today's afternoon highs will be
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week with a high of 96 for phoenix today. that puts us above average. no triple digits. mid-90s for the highs. we should hit the high of 96 around 4:00. mostly sunny skies through the day. this morning we are off to a dry start with a few thicker clouds across southeast arizona. tracking changes over the next few days. a disturbance to the southwest will eventually move in tomorrow and that will bring rain chances back to our state. for the valley chances of rain kicking in tomorrow. i think a chance creeping and after midnight tonight. i think today during the day we will be all dry. you will notice some high clouds and thicker clouds drifting in by this evening. you will notice clouds but i'm not expecting any rainfall during the day today. not until after midnight and early tomorrow morning rain chances kickin. chance for showers in the
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afternoon. the best potential overall will be across the higher terrain to the north and east and also across southeast arizona. we could get a few scattered showers and storms in the valley. -- rain chances up to 30% for the valley tomorrow. lingering chances into sunday morning. we start to dry out. dryer going into next week. will also be warmer. going from 96 today into the low 90s for saturday. mid-90s on sunday. temperatures getting warmer monday upper 90s by then. we will talk about the breezes we will feel this weekend, next. the desert drive time's are nice and light as morning from the big map. i want to focus on loop 101 in scottsdale. it is going to shut down this weekend. loop 101 northbound from chaparral to shape will close friday night at 10 pm into monday morning at 5 pm.
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in the next traffic check i will give you a closer look at the e. valley dr. in the next traffic check i will give you a closer look at the e. valley dr. here is a look at your tech bytes. in today's tech bytes hurricane matthew triggers a social media safety system. >> facebook has activated its safety check for anyone in a hurricane zone. >> tool will allow users to inform their friends that they are safe with just one click. >> snapchat is getting ready to go public. according to the wall street journal the apps parent company is working on an ipo, putting the value at $25 billion. >> the report says the companies hoping to sell shares by march. snapchat has over 100 million daily active users. fry's is now working with drugmakers to connect their devices to verizon's wireless network. >> plans are in line with what customers pay for data. having a data plan will allow drones to connect to the internet and a stream all of that material back to the
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>> those are your tech bytes.
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i want to remind you we have a fun contest happening. maybe you can get some entertainment with donald duck if you head out to disneyland resorts. it's halloween time there. we are giving away a family four -- two family four packs,
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all you have to do is watch for the weather word of the day from 6 am until 7 am for your chance to win. go to abc for more information. there are plenty of things to do around town this weekend. here are a few of them. >> get out of this world with alien, a puppet show. hilarious all mosh is at the center arts plaza starting tonight. >> you can find the wine in a corn maze for bring friends for this unique event at the pump confirm. park fest at a dog wash. >> all about girl power at the arizona women's expo. tickets online for only five dollars. >> at the fair saturday we have chance of rain and breezes with things drying out on sunday. we will talk more about this next. the wind is whipping, sometimes these cameras are
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? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. technology for whatever you're trying to master. 11 feet of the storm surge. in your house, if you are close you can have the storm surge and waves over your roof. >> hurricane matthew driving a new level of fear as a storm batters florida. 144 children allegedly
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that could have been prevented. but this new report is revealing. valley family being watched and they didn't even know it. how they found the cameras and what the man behind it does cameras said they were for. good morning. look behind us, that is the arizona state fair. they are getting ready to go. always exciting when that time rolls around. >> we love peeking in on them. if you have plans for today going to be a nice day. today will be warmer. starting out nice and cool. sitting at 66 right now. we are starting off cool to mild across the valley. today warming up quicker. low 80s as early as 10:00. the highs today into the mid- 90s. it will be a warmer day. a dry one before rain chances rule


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